Press Release

Saturday, June 24th, 2020

It was only a matter of time before Steve Harvey ventured over to Newport Beach, California to interview with Eric Richey and his sweetheart for a wife, Hannah Eleazer. Of course, Steve and Eric confirmed that this interview would be private and take place in Eric’s wonderful estate in the heart of sunny Newport Beach.

It was ironic that Eric held a private interview as he and his wife were both comedians, vocalists, and actors in their spare time. Eric and Hannah did not care for the paparazzi that is inevitable with fame, let alone being around the wealthy and famous, such as Steve Harvey himself.

Hannah expressed her fascination for their home, “It is so wonderful being so close to the water and seeing the horizon every morning as I wake up alongside Eric. Living here is truly peaceful for the both of us.” She finishes with a smile that makes her cheeks a warm rose tint.

Eric specifically asked me and my team to come in our own respective vehicles, nothing along the sort for representing a media company so we would not attract any attention. Because of this, we were allowed to venture in and stay at the Richey Residence behind closed doors.

Steve asked, “Eric, can you believe where you are today? How did you start out?”

Eric gave his response, “Steve, I am truly blessed to be where I am now. All of this truly began when I was 18 years old. Would it be okay if I told you the in-depth story?”

Steve stated, “Of course! Please, I love hearing a good story.”

Eric sneered to Steve and Hannah, “Don’t we all?” There was lighthearted laughter between the three of them.

Eric continued, “Alright Steve, you asked for it. When I was 18 years old, I was heading off to University for my first year. Hannah and I dated throughout the last year beforehand, but we both felt reluctant about continuing our relationship as I was taking a big step into the world of college. As Hannah stated to me back in August of 2016.”

Hannah, with her head snapping towards Eric, asked her husband, “Eric, you remember that?” Eric reassured her, “Of course I do sweetheart, that was one of the worst days of my life.” Hannah grasps Eric’s hand and holds it tightly. Talk about a whole lotta love.

“Steve, I was away at school from September until December of that year, and that’s when I realized, I didn’t belong there. Steve, I realized there are two types of people. Those that go off to college and know exactly what it is that they want to do, and those that have no clue about what the hell they’re doing! I belonged to the latter group. I had acquaintances that complained about coursework, professors that I didn’t feel a connection with, I felt I was wasting my time.”

“I was surrounded by people who would rather smoke dope, get wasted, and bitch about their day instead of finding the power within themselves to go after what it is they truly desire, despite what the institutions of society tell us what we treasure.”

Steve contributed, “Eric, I resonate with you man. But let me ask you this question, do you think that is somewhat cold-hearted?”

Eric replied, “Steve, I appreciate that. Thank you for the mutual respect, but there is an old saying, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Steve, I have got to ask, do you think you would have ended up where you are today if you didn’t spend time with people that had high ambitions and were committed to them?”

Steve said, “Of course. Ah Haha, Yes! I see where you are coming from. Please, continue.”

“It was only a matter of time until I dropped out of college. I left in April of 2017, and I struggled to sustain a job worthwhile for several months. I was a job-hopper, I stayed for weeks, two months if that at one location.”

Steve laughs, “Sounds like you had a bad time.”

“Steve, I sure did. To be honest with you, I had discovered the world of network marketing, it was back in June of that same year I decided which company I would stick with, and that was DoTerra. I believed that I had found the Magic Key to creating the Life that I wanted, not what some ‘expert’ said was the life for me. Financial, Time Freedom. I believed I could get Hannah back. I’m going to marry her like I said I would!”

Hannah appreciated that. Little did Eric know she was crying tears of joy.

Steve asked, “Eric, how old were you when you made this realization?” Eric responded with glee, “I was only 18!” Steve gave him a funny look, “You were 18 when you decided you wanted this woman?!” Eric said, “Steve, I knew from the first day I kissed her she was going to be my wife.”

Steve hollered with laughter, “AH, you’re too much!”

Hannah got up out of her chair and fell into Eric’s arms to feel his embrace. It was one of the most beautiful hugs I have ever seen.

Funny enough, they continued for the time being with Hannah on Eric’s lap. They were truly adorable together.

Eric continued, “Steve, I could not get her off my mind. I prayed for her safety and well-being every day. She was the only woman in my heart. I felt I had to provide a kingdom for the both of us. Hannah was never this stereotypical, Disney damsel in distress for a princess. To me, I saw Hannah as this powerful, relentless, forgiving, beautiful Queen.”

“I knew that she was the One. That is what my first book is about, Two Are One. I shared not only the importance and significance of monogamy but also the narrative of my romance and her backstory as a survivor and victor of sexual abuse.”

“Honey, would you be open to sharing your story with Steve Harvey?”

Hannah was grateful Eric invited her to lead this portion of the interview, she kissed him on the lips and said, “Of course sweetheart.”

Hannah opened the discussion, “Steve, I was assaulted when I was 13 years old. I have a childhood history of boys left and right that have abused and taken advantage of me. Inside, I felt so broken, embarrassed. It wasn’t until I met Eric when I was 15, that I felt I had found someone special. I’m surprised he didn’t share this with you because he jokes about it with my family all the time, but I had the biggest crush on him for over a year before he even noticed.”

Steve assured her, “Hannah, thank you for taking the time to share this with me. It means a lot that you and your husband trust me so much with this intimate history you two share.” He begins to laugh, “But seriously, did you ever give him a hint?!”