Master Key Experience, Weeks 19-23; The Return of the Prodigal Son

 “Apply the ABC’s of success to your life. Ask, Believe and Claim It.” – Eric Thomas


What a long, winding road.

I have been absent for some time now.

My apologies. Here is to a New Day.

I believe the habit of working for this restaurant called the “Waffle Stop” has become a habit. I did not make the time to commit to weekly blog updates.

A serious mistake.

I’ve seen beauty and madness in my life since the last time we met my dear reader.

Let’s start with the madness, so we can say goodbye and make room for Love’s sake later.

The things I can think of from the top of my head.

My stepbrother and his long-time sweetheart Nina have decided to split apart for whatever reason unknown, at least by me.

My BMW has undergone extensive repairs, which my Dad has been so gracious to take care of.


If you know who I am as a visionary, Juggling Our Bills (my bills) is not the Life I truly desire.

And a matter of two days ago, the car I have been driving since the downfall of the BMW, my father’s Mustang, was broken into in the middle of the night. Passenger side window was smashed into a thousand pieces, and all the “criminal” stole was a pair of wireless earbuds, and my gym bag, which only had chalk, and a weight belt.


I don’t even know how to feel about that. Bummer I guess.


Anything else? Must not be that important.

Moving on, SHOWTIME! Beauty Pageant here we come!

The Retreat is almost paid off!


Room is booked, have one or two more split pays left, and just need to purchase my flight ticket.

With Expedia, I’m getting some benefits. Awesome.

Network Marketing… is simply… drum roll please….


Coffees? Bowling? Parties?

Don’t we listen to the recommendations of our closest friends and family?

Gah! I’ve been disconnected. The price I’ve paid with the habit of Solitude is a disconnect from people that LOVE me. O_O.

How could I possibly teach them how to have time, money, and health if I don’t even know who they are? XD

Good grief.

My cousin, 35 years old, Stephanie Berosh, is now MARRIED to her BEST FRIEND, Todd McLaughlin! I just attended the ceremony and dance party last weekend. What a load of fun!

And now, for the big event.


Just kidding. She’s not an event. She’s a Divine Being That I Absolutely Adore.

(Cue the scene for the Tunnel of Love, play the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”…)

I called her for her birthday. Left a voicemail. She texted back instantly, gave her gratitude, said what she was dealing with. Meh.

We played games with each other. Lol.

I called the night before Valentine’s, two minutes before midnight. I had a pep talk with a female friend, who encouraged me to tell Hannah how I feel.

“Eric, don’t be the guy that says his feelings on Valentine’s Day…”

Where did my balls go? Crude sure, but hey… don’t I have any cojones?!

Voicemail. Take it as a sign. It’s not the time.

I was so damn nervous. FEARFUL? Ut-oh.

V-Day. I call again, 10:15 pm. Voicemail. I tell myself to relax. Let go of the tension. Feel Peace.

I’m lying in bed, and at the strike of eleven…

She CALLS. Not once, TWICE.


We talked for half an hour.

I told her right away I bullshitted her back from October, I never said everything I wanted to say. She tells me, “Eric, I’m surprised I’m the first Woman you would come back to, especially with all the different girls you’ve been meeting at school, etc…”

I ask her, “Well, did you expect me to end up with someone else?”

Replies, “No I’m just surprised, in a good way.”

Flattery huh? Yeah, I’m in. Hehe.

I pull off a 180 spin, “Well, is that what YOU wanted for yourself? To end up with someone else?”

She tells me, “Are you kidding? I can’t see myself with someone else right now. Especially for the next 3 years while I’m down here at school. I hardly hang with guys anymore, I just spend time with my girlfriends. Eric, you know school is not the best for me.”

Wow. Throughout the rest of our talk we discussed concerns, limiting beliefs, newly born open-minds, etc.

Hannah has felt that I never accepted, listened, or understood any of her “issues”. Told her to tell me what those experiences are like, feel like for her so I can learn.

“I only know what I know. I can’t just walk in your shoes. You’re You and I am Me.”

She said, “Oh.” A few seconds of silence fell between us. It was cool. She’s THINKING.

She even said she doesn’t know about long distance, and yet she claims “Well, you know I’m independent…”


Intuition tells me she misses me and loves me, wants me as I do her.

Wow. Mind BLAOWN.

Observation tells me, especially when I listen between the lines, the same.

Her Heart and Mind are at conflict. She does not own her Life. Maybe she would love to learn how… 🙂

I am flying down to California for the Easter Weekend, the end of her Spring Break.

So, Lord knows how she will respond once I tell her, “Hey, I’m here. I would love to take you out to eat. Would you care to join me?”


Or perhaps, we see each other in the glorious California sunshine, and we run to each other like in all the romantic comedy films…

Few friends have joked, maybe she’ll jump on you like a koala! XD

I will be signing off for now, until next week.

I am excited for Kauai in June, let alone California in 11 DAYS!

My Life is Getting Better and Better.

And I’m not even 20. Too funny.

Keep Lovin’ to Keep Livin’,

Eric Richey

P.S. I have earrings for her that she pointed out to me back in August of 2016. We were at Cannon Beach together. I’ve held them for “safekeeping”. ❤




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  1. Great to see you back! Eric! I will go to California in a week too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Richey says:

      OMG! Get out! 😂
      That’s exciting!
      I’m headed down to San Diego-Anaheim area. 😯

      Maybe I’ll see you?! 😂❤️


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