Master Key Experience, Week 12; On the 12 Days of Christmas My Brain Gave to Me… A Golden Opportunity

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison


This week has been… stressful.


Stressful by means of being oppressed.

My old blueprint is not happy that I have been picking him apart and “throwing it away” day after day.

There are two weeks left of this fascinating era, the odd year 2017.

I did not have my dinner with Hannah as I intended for yesterday the 16th. My father organized a holiday party instead, so I gave of myself to serve.

Chanting the affirmation, “It’s not a chore, it’s not a chore.”

All the little things that piled up in regards to how I had to help my family, and since my core motive is not helping people like the typical Grandmother that always makes cookies for you and offers a back rub or to tell you a bedtime story, well, in my mind…

Everything was Ugly.

The idea of talking to people about the business felt like a shipwreck that tied me down by chains, pulling me into the abyss of the dark, cold Atlantic Ocean. A captain that was once so hopeful and excited to steer the ship, but without skills, he would surely drown.

As a blend between Perfectionist and Obsessive, Power-Hungry personalities, I explored and studied in further detail the necessary skills to succeed in my business, my mind eventually had too much cargo on board.

Through my years in the gym, I realized that twenty percent of the exercises I did would give me eighty percent of the results. As a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast, I only focus on Squats, Military Press, Weighted Dips and Pull-Ups.

Four exercises to grow big, powerful muscles and multiply my overall body strength.

Most people in the gym would agree that curls and tricep extensions do little to significantly change our level of fitness. The icing on the cake, if you will.

The same thing with business, there are four critical skills that take care of eighty percent, if not more of my success.

Number One, Instant Rapport. Number Two, Break the Ice and Light the Fire of Curiosity about my Business. Number Three, Storytelling.

Number Three is crucial and here is why.

Everybody loves a good story. Everyone says they can’t resist a story that may improve their life. I just found out how to do my business in minutes a day versus hours a day. Would you like to know more?

When people open up about their problems, they are SELLING A STORY about their current circumstances. Most people have dealt with a friend that complains about not having enough money to pay for their own dinner. Trust me, I have been that person on more than one occasion.

Selling stories about what the products do for people, or what happens when someone joins the business as a partner… Ka-Ching.

Some people may remember my post from last week, but the wealthiest people in the world are storytellers. Musicians, Actors, Pro Athletes, Politicians I suppose… If we aren’t filming an award-winning show in our contact’s head, we’re dead in the water.

Contact shares about their problems, I share what the business or products can do for them with short action-packed blockbuster films.

Storytelling can be done in a matter of minutes.

Finally, the one you have all been waiting for…

The Presentation.

If the contact wants additional income, aka potential business partner, have them share what income they’d want to replace their take-home pay.

Tell the potential business partner or customer upfront the price, time commitment, literally could be an hour a day, that’s two episodes of Seinfeld come on…

Then present the business in one minute.

With stories, we interact in a dialogue that CLOSES someone on the impact of the other person’s story.

It only takes 15 seconds to build instant rapport and break the ice and get down to business. Sharing stories and offering the business, products should take no more than 7-10 minutes total.

Then, you’re done. I’m done. Time to find some more people that may want more money, time, better health, you know the rest.

Keep Lovin’ to Keep Livin’,

Eric Richey


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  1. Great share Eric. I just found out 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing your feelings Eric, but remember that you will persist and you will win!!

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