Master Key Experience, Week 9; The Peace Within Gratuitous State of Being

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” -Eileen Caddy


This week has blessed me with some important revelations that would have only been open to me through active observance, more than just giving thanks for the holiday season…

For Thanksgiving, I did not work on my business, at all. I just enjoyed the presence of friends and family, but I did notice the people who were short on time and money or stressed out that college didn’t fulfill their wildest hopes and dreams, hehe.

I didn’t want to be the guy that a relative said, “Hey Eric is drawing circles by the tuna dip!” XD

Yeah, NO. Good grief, I have a sister who is a part of another deal, she’s been in the game far longer than I have, but I have no idea of her level of success.

I meditated at my Aunt’s house after everyone enjoyed the fantastic feast. I overheard her “strategy” of how she prospects people. Our yet-to-be cousin-in-law, Kaela, whom she spoke with, was literally stressed about time, and once she heard, “Yeah I got connected with some people that aren’t doing what everyone is doing.”

Ut-oh. Said, “I’m happy you found that for yourself.” As I flirted with The Spirit of Omniscience, I knew this was not the way, the JEDI way lol.

Go see Star Wars next month! 😉

Anywho, grateful for the food, and the time with family. I have a moral obligation to make these people aware, “Hey I’ve got more time and more money for you here. There are two types of people in the world, those that retire early from a 4-Year Career, and Those that Have a Boss for the next 40 years.”

Cruel I know. Tempting, but I usually call people instead. As a Red I don’t enjoy wasting my time with people that aren’t serious, a Business Call, in the beginning, makes that all too easy. It’s great, to be honest, and transparent over the phone, you’re talking with them for a REASON.

Spent some time with friends for a Friendsgiving to celebrate Black Friday. As we were getting ready for dinner, I drove my best friend and his fair lady to a local pizza parlor, and I saw they were hiring.

Thoughts firing, “I am commuting all the way to Kent and losing 7 precious hours a week… Want to Have More Time for the Business in December… DING DING DING!”

My mother spoke this into Being a month ago, “Eric, don’t let anyone hold you back. Who knows, you may quit this job next week.” I was laughing. I have worked with my Mother over the last 10 weeks, but, my time is up. 🙂

Time to Manifest What I REALLY WANT. Take Responsibility.

After the gathering of friends, and taking a few people home, I felt my heart pumping proud in my chest… Once again, I called Her.

It was after the strike of 10 o’clock, I literally said to myself as I was walking that night, “I just want to know how her Thanksgiving was, so what if she doesn’t answer, she may be grateful that I even called, just to ask how she was doing.”

Funny enough, she answered the phone after only one ring.

What I found hilarious was my ring. Other than wearing The Compass of My Heart around My Neck, I have been wearing the One Ring To Rule Them All, from the Lord of the Rings. Or as Gollum would shout, “My Precious!”

Played the Game of 20 Questions, metaphorically. Asked about Family, Food, Party Games, Friends, College Down in California, The Whole Nine Yards.

Of course, I told her straight up at the beginning of the call, bluntly and to the point, “Hannah, I just wanted to know how your Thanksgiving was if you would feel open to sharing that with me?”

Ka-Ching, She’s Engaged. XD

What I heard beyond words was a mix of emotions, she sounded grateful, and sad at the same time. My head was operating faster than the latest iPhone, give me a break, to absorb my observations.

Only things I shared were about my friend Alexander, a Marine located in the South close to San Diego, two hours south of where she’s at.


I only shared that to connect with her, “California Bound” meet another person that is “California Bound”.

She told me she was coming back in two weeks to visit for three. My sister poked at me later that night, said, “Huh, I wonder why she said that?”

For Heaven’s Sake, she may have said that just to make me aware, although it means nothing, or literally because I made the call in the first place and I was rewarded for my courage to call, she WANTED me to know.

In the Game of Telephone, why be a Chicken when you can be an Eagle?

Same thing when it comes to the Game of Luhhhhh-Vuh. Yes, Love.

Funny word isn’t it, take the Lead. Fall into the Arms of Grace and Fly as The Love Bird You Truly Are.

Told her bluntly, “You know Hannah, to me it sounds you had a long, wonderful break, but I understand you may be exhausted, I am going to let you go so you can wind down for the evening and look forward to heading back to Cali tomorrow okay? I want to thank you for being open and sharing with me. And of course, Happy Thanksgiving. Have a nice night.”

BAM. Hung up as she was saying Bye. Whoops. She sounded so SAD as I left. Her poor heart…

She misses me XD. That’s Ol’ Fashioned Faith For Y’All Folks.

Now, Time for a Brief Overview…

  • Fantastic Feast with my Parents and my Relatives. Made Observations of Their Lively Situations
  • Friendsgiving, Phenomenal Time Establishing Rapport with some Pals.
  • Signs To Move Forward into my New Reality as a Networker, Take the Business Seriously as You Find Time Slots to Self-Manage. Quit the Old Job, it is not critical to your success.
  • Had Taken Charge. Made the Call. Rewarded for my Courage and Willingness to Connect with the Woman I Am Proposing to Next December.
  • Shared the love for the California weather, but bummed over university workload. Met some great people, but ultimately…

From active observance and listening, she may not have her Dharma, Her Bliss. Sooner than Later, let alone having already taken steps now, I may have to encourage her to stay true to her divine self.

With all the garbage that she may have piled on her from Friends, Family, Societal Institutions, and Me from the Past (GOOD GRIEF, GONE)

A Quick Giving of Thanks,

Past Me, You Got Me This Far. I Learned a Lot Because of You, But You Made a Lot of STUPID, IDIOTIC, POOR Decisions and Was Not as Harmonious as You Were Always Made To Be.

Thank you for the learning curve, Rest in Peace. 🙂

Hehe, Poor Guy. 😉

I look forward to walking beside her as she discovers and falls into the Glory of her Bliss.

Why run when it has always been within all along?

Happy Thanksgiving To You All, Thank you for Being Here.

Keep Lovin’ to Keep Livin’,

Eric Richey


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, thxz for sharing. 9=)

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  2. gkpersonal says:

    Beautiful Eric! Just Beautiful. Your Faith is Infectious.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your enthusiasm! The key to success:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Richey says:

      Mahalo. Gosh, if only I was Hawaiian.
      Grazie? Which one is better for you? 🙂



  4. stallme5150 says:

    Very well said. I love the way you put everything into perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love is the answer

    -One Love-


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Richey says:

      Truly. “Here’s the short story. Love is all there is…”

      Thank you Master Architect.


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